Hypocrisy of The World and Others

The hypocrisy of this world astounds me.

Families, Friends and everyone in between,
should support each other
in times of need
in times of pain
in times of strife.

People who have done questionable things themselves
Have no business judging others for the same actions

Fathers and Mothers who are Brothers and Sisters
should be ashamed of themselves
for passing judgemental LIES
upon their siblings and nieces and nephews

When the TRUTH about their own
past and their own children
is widely known and easily accessible
and not easily forgotten

No person is perfect
But spewing out hatred and lies to make yourself feel perfect
doesn’t erase your dark deeds, your dark past.

Look in a mirror and look at yourself
before you decide to pass judgement on others.

Words get passed around
and the truth is always revealed.